Matrix Matching Test

The Matrix Matching Test is a brief test of adult general intelligence that can be used for research purposes. It is language free and relativly culture free and can be used in various different locations and contexts. It consists of two different parts: a Visuospatial Matching Test and a Semantic Matching Test. The PowerPoint file for administering the test can be downloaded here. An instructions and scoring file can be downloaded here.
Word Accentuation Test (Test de Acentuación de Palabras)

This is a Spanish language test of premorbid cognitive ability. It can also be used as a rapid measure of verbal intelligence, or simply of reading ability. Validity and reliability data is available in the notes. It is designed as a test for research purposes in Spanish speaking countries, however, tables for its use clinically in Ecuador are available in Pluck et al., (2017).  The test can be downloaded here. Also provided are instructions, click here for the test instructions.
Test of Episodic Visual Incidental Learning (TEVIL)

This is a test of declarative episodic memory for research use in participants with no or only mild cognitive impairment. It uses recognition of abstract shapes in an incidental learning paradigm. Unlike many commercial memory test it does not have a ceiling effect even with highly able participants. The TEVIL is essentially language free, the only text used is not essential and can be altered in the PowerPoint files that are used to display stimuli. Nevertheless versions are available to download in English and to download in Spanish. File are compressed .rar files. Decompression software for .rar files is widely available. 
The Weather Prediction Task

This is a probabilistic classification test which can be used to research non-declarative learning, also known as procedural or implicit memory. The participant is asked to classify visual stimuli as a way to predict the weather, either Sun or Rain. Also included here are details of how declarative knowledge in the same task can be measured. An instructions file is available. The actual files to run the test are PowerPoint files and are available for download in either English or Spanish.

The Spanish Lexical Decision Task

This is a test of verbal-crystalized ability in Spanish. It is a very simple test, fast to administer, that nevertheless gives a measure on an individual’s mental lexicon. Performance is highly correlated with formal intelligence test performance, particularly verbal intelligence. It can therefore be used as a simple measure of crystalized intelligence, intelligence in general, or simply reading ability. The test has published validity and reliability information. You can download the Spanish Lexical Decision Task, and also a file containing details and instructions for use.
The modified Hayling Test

This is aversion of the Hayling verbal suppression test, frequently used as a neuropsychological measure of frontal lobe impairment or executive function. It has been modified to make it more difficult and reduce pre-planning of responses. This version also includes an embedded working memory task. The modified Hayling Test is administered on a PowerPoint file. Instructions on administration are also available. The version given here has stimulus materials in Spanish.But this could easily be altered to different languages.
This page contains downloadable versions of cognitive tests that I have either made of developed from existing tests. These are mainly for research use and have published reliability and validity information available. They are distributed free of charge.
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