I am a British psychologist with a particular interest in cognitive and brain sciences. I have been studying or working in psychology and related fields continuously since 1992. I am an educator and a researcher. I currently work at Universidad San Francisco de Quito where I am a professor of Psychology and director of the Institute of Neurosciences. However, I also spend time in Nur-sultan, Kazakhstan, and will be relocating there permanently from January 2019.

I previously lectured at Chuo University (Tokyo), and prior to that I worked as a researcher at several UK universities including the University of Sheffield, University of Nottingham, University of Lincoln and King’s College London. I have psychology degrees from the University of Birmingham and University College London (Institute of Neurology), I have also completed a year of studies in Cognitive Science at the University of Hertfordshire. In addition, I have postgraduate certification as a professor in higher education from the University of Sheffield. I am internationally focused: I have worked as a professor and conducted research in three different countries and have traveled for tourism and work in about 50 others.

Dr Graham Pluck 

B.Sc. Psychology (University of Birmingham)
B.A. Spanish with Latin American Studies (University of Sheffield)
Ph.D. Neuropsychology (University College London)

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