Research Interests

Neuropsychology (e.g. frontal lobe function), psychiatry (e.g. depression, self-harm and suicide, psychosis), social neuroscience (e.g. neurocognitive functions of homeless people, street kids, and drug-dependent people).
I am a skilled educator and researcher in psychology and neuroscience and with about 50 publications (cited over 1700 times). Internationally focused, I have taught and researched at universities in the UK and Japan and I am currently based at Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador. There I teach Neuropsychology and Research Methods and I direct the Quito Brain and Behavior Lab. I teach and supervise research at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. I have degrees in Psychology (University of Birmingham, B.Sc.), Latin American Studies (University of Sheffield, B.A.) and Neuropsychology (University College London, Ph.D.) as well postgraduate certification in university-level education. I have also done postdocs at the Institute of Psychiatry (Kings College London) and the Department of Neuroscience at the University of Sheffield, UK (where I also hold an honorary research fellowship).

Dr Graham Pluck 

B.Sc. Psychology (University of Birmingham)
B.A. Latin American Studies (University of Sheffield)
PhD Behavioural Neuroscience (University College London)
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